City of Osnabrück


It is no coincidence that a new Peace Cultural Prize comes from Osnabrück. The initiators have created the German Peace Prize for Photography from the context of the city's special history. Osnabrück is a city of peace. The history of the Peace of Westphalia shows that peace is possible. It also shows, however, how much it must be struggled for. After all, it took five years of peace congress, 150 embassies from Europe and the Reich and countless negotiations before the Peace of Westphalia could end the 30-year war. The city of Osnabrück understands its special history as a mandate for peace policy commitment. This also applies to the cultural offerings that the city develops - beyond regional borders.

Museumsquartier Osnabrück


The four buildings in the Museumsquartier Osnabrück (Felix Nussbaum Haus, Kulturgeschichtliches Museum, Akzisehaus, Villa Schlikker) not only house the world's largest collection of works by the painter Felix Nussbaum, a selection of which is presented in Daniel Libeskind's impressive architecture: The art collection goes back to Ancient Antiquity. On display are important works by Albrecht Dürer, a comprehensive collection of cultural history, and changing exhibitions on positions in classical modernism and contemporary art. Using the means of art and in an examination of history, a central question of our time is explored here: How do we want and how can we live together in peace?



The topic of peace is omnipresent in times of increasing armed conflict. With the announcement of the German Peace Prize for Photography, the Felix Schoeller Group encourages reflection on the many facets of peace. Also about what each individual can contribute to peace, what the individual peace building blocks are. The globally active Schoeller Group promotes mutual respect, understanding and tolerance, directed inwards into the company.

Photography is part of the company's DNA, as it has been involved in the production of high-quality photographic base papers for more than 125 years now. From the outset, the business was international with customers such as Gevaert in Belgium and Kodak in the USA and Great Britain. Over the decades, production facilities have been set up in the USA, Canada, Russia, China and India, and the sales organisations are represented around the globe. This internationality shapes the cooperation within the company and demands an open exchange with people from other cultural backgrounds.


The 2021 Emerging Photographer Award will be supported by CAPTURE X Fine Art Inkjet Paper. CAPTURE X offers both professionals and amateur photographers the opportunity for intensive exchange with experts and within the community in addition to high-quality fine art papers. On the one hand, the consultation should enable the best printing results. On the other hand, the results of the exchange in terms of content flow into product enhancements, for example. The current CAPTURE X product range consists of cotton papers, matt artist papers and genuine photo papers. The works of the winners and nominees shown in the exhibition "Felix Schoeller Photo Award - Winners & Nominees 2021" will be printed on high-quality Fine Art papers from CAPTURE X.


PROFIFOTO is Germany’s leading publication for professional photographers and budding professionals. Month on month PROFIFOTO publishes breaking news about all the latest photo technology and professional photography in its magazine of over 100 pages. Both its lavish portfolios of high-calibre photographic work and itsexploration of creative, professional, cultural and technical aspects of photography are a firm part of its editorial policy.

PROFIFOTO is one of the co-founders of adf, Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie e.V., and a member of the Technical Image Press Association, TIPA, which presents the highly sought after TIPA Award each year for the world’s best photography and imaging products.


The German Photographic Association (DGPh) is an organisation primarily committed to promoting the cultural aspects of photography and related visual media. Its 1000-strong membership consists of highly respected personalities on the German and international photography scene, who share the common goal of promoting photography’s standing among the general public. The association also has a communications role, working to publicise ground-breaking photographic achievements. To this end, DGPh has founded numerous prizes and awards to honour institutions and individuals in the world of photography for work that is outstanding in terms of its visual or journalistic quality, its contribution to science, or its impact on society.